Watch how Macron almost choked from the wreaths they surrounded his neck


The inhabitants of one of the 100 islands that make up the archipelago of “French Polynesia” in the Pacific Ocean, which is famous for the diversity of coral in its waters, exaggerated their welcome Tuesday to French President, Emmanuel Macron, to the extent that the wreaths they surrounded with almost suffocated him, according to what appears in The video shown below.

On Monday, the French president arrived in the archipelago, who spoke in his capital, Tahiti, about nuclear tests that France carried out in its waters between 1966 to 1996 to develop its nuclear weapons. He also discussed the strategic role of the region between Peru and Australia, and during his 4-day visit, he addressed the dangers Caused by sea level rise resulting in turn from climate change.

Officials in French Polynesia had conveyed to Macron the optimism of its residents that he would apologize for the nuclear tests and confirm compensation for radiation victims, despite their scarcity, which he may discuss Wednesday before leaving for the farthest French protectorate overseas.


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