Watch how a Tunisian soldier responded when Ghannouchi asked him to enter Parliament


The Tunisian army prevented, at dawn today, Monday, Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi and a number of deputies from the Ennahda Movement and the Dignity Coalition, from Entering the parliament headquarters after the president’s decision to freeze his work and his powers.

In the midst of this, he found a video clip that included a conversation between Ghannouchi and one of the soldiers Guarding the entrance to ParliamentWide spread on social media.

Through the video, Ghannouchi tried to convince the soldier to allow him Entering Parliament HouseAnd he told him, “The Tunisian army is the one who defended and protected the revolution. We are waiting for that from you.. O the national army, the protector of fever and religion,” while his deputy said, “We all swore to protect the constitution.” defending the homeland.

At dawn today, Monday, the army prevented Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi and a number of deputies from the Ennahda Movement and the Dignity Coalition from entering its headquarters, which caused a state of congestion and a clash in the vicinity of Parliament between Ennahda supporters and Qais Saeed supporters and supporters of his decisions, at a time when Ennahda invited its supporters to join At the parliament headquarters in the Bardo suburb, amid fears of violence.

On Sunday, President Kais Saied announced the freezing of all parliament’s competencies for a month, the lifting of immunity from its members, and the dismissal of the government led by Hisham al-Mashishi, in return for his assumption of the presidency of the executive and judicial authorities, which Rached Ghannouchi considered a “coup against the constitution and revolution,” and said that “ Work will continue in Tunisian institutions.”

Tunisian President Kais Saied relied on Article 80 of the Constitution, which grants the President of the Republic the power to take exceptional measures. He said during a tour that took place at dawn on Sunday to Habib Bourguiba Street, that what happened was “not a coup”, wondering, “How can it be a coup based on the law? .. I carry the principles of the revolution and the revolutionary explosion … the freedom of national dignity.”


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