Watch: Ahmed Flux shocked his fans with the number of his marriages in recent years


The Egyptian artist, Ahmed Flux, announced the number of his marriages since his separation from his first wife and the mother of his children, before returning to her again.

Flux said: “He married 15 times during the period that followed his separation from his first wife, which extended for 12 years, and he attributed his decision to repeat the marriage to the loneliness that he lived in for years, and considering that the presence of women in the home is very important, as he relies on her in various matters. ‘, according to (her).Flux added that he was hasty in his decisions about these marriages, which prompted many to call him a “womanizer”, commenting on this title by saying: “It is an honor for me to be called a womanizer, for it is better than being called a man.”

He pointed out that the artist here Shiha is a beautiful personality, and when she loves, she gives from her heart, pointing out that the work of magic affected their relationship and led to their separation, with the aim of taking revenge on him.


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