Watch: A girl designs jewelry from the teeth of the dead.. very strange


A girl living in Australia has devised a frightening way to memorialize those who have left our world, by designing jewelry from their teeth.Jackie Williams owns the Australian company “Grave Metallum Jewelry”, which specializes in selling handmade pieces that include the remains of the dead, according to (Sputnik in Arabic).

Williams also mixes hair with ashes in her jewelry line, which includes commemorative necklaces, bracelets and rings.And the 29-year-old Williams, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, confirmed that she does this work because she wants to help people deal with their grief and loss, because it is something that is guaranteed to every living being, as Jackie Williams relies on her work on wisdom teeth, baby teeth or Those covered with gold or metal, which are removed from the bodies before they are buried or cremated.

Williams explains that after receiving the teeth, she waxes them with precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum, and accentuates them with precious stones, including sapphires and diamonds.

It takes 6 to 8 weeks for Jackie Williams to manufacture her own jewelry and cost between $262 and $7,483 each.

And about the story of her breaking into that frightening “business”, Jackie Williams says that the strange idea came to her when she was working as a gardener in a local cemetery, and after studying jewelry design, and then founded her company while working in bars and restaurants, and after the company’s business became popular, she gave up She works nights and runs her company full time.

She continued, “She always seemed to be drawn to the pathological side of life, and even as a child her interest in helping others deal with their grief began when she lost her best friend a few years ago, and it is always easier to deal with grief when shared.”

“I get excited about making thought-provoking pieces about things that are often overlooked or taboo, and opening up a conversation about the horrific and terrifying side of life,” said Jackie Williams.

And about the strangest requests she encountered in her company from customers, she indicated that she was asked one day to make a piece of jewelry using an IUD, which she refused because the intrauterine contraceptive was plastic, and in another case she was asked to put the bullet casing from a customer who fired His grandfather shot himself in a piece of jewelry.

Although her family and friends support her eccentric work, she sometimes receives opposition and criticism from those who are disgusted with the use of teeth and bones, but others who support her see the new style of jewelry as a sincere reminder of the legacy of their loved ones.


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