Warning to winners from biting medals at the Tokyo Olympics


Despite the Tokyo Olympics’ organizers warning the medal winners not to bite them, they ignored that warning and continued their practice. The organizing committee for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics reminded the medal winners that it was “not for eating”.

“We want to confirm that the Tokyo 2020 medals are not edible,” the Olympics account said on Twitter. The account added, “Our medals are made from recycled materials from electronic devices donated by the Japanese public.”

According to a report by the British newspaper “The Independent”, the habit of biting the medals is due to many people doing in order to check the purity of some of the gold, as the teeth leave a trace on the flexible metal.

In an interview with CNN, Olympic historian David Waleshinsky said that the shot of biting the medal has become the focus of photographers’ attention for this tournament.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics medals are made from metals extracted from recycled mobile phones and electronic devices donated by the Japanese public. Thanks to these phones and devices, nearly 5,000 gold, silver, and bronze medals were made.


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