“Walled” between May Chidiac and Paula Yacoubian on “Twitter” .. “It is known who buys media and slander”!


An argument erupted on the social networking site “Twitter” between former Minister May Chidiac and the resigned MP, Paula Yacoubian.
In conjunction with Yacoubian’s appearance on LBCI’s “Nharkom Saeed” program, in which journalist Ali Hegazy also participated, Chidiac wrote through her account on “Twitter”: “It has become clear who is collecting money and political money to remain a guest on the media and screens! It is not necessary to be It comes from embassies! It could be people! Niall Yally has a financier! The same words! The same cylinder! Attacking the sects on Bou Janb! Mixing things together! Claiming secularism and distorting concepts!
Later, Yacoubian responded to Chidiac, and wrote a tweet in which she said: “The one who loses the argument responds in person, like Mai and Ali Hijazi, the lost argument, is looking for silencing any voice that disrupts the pranks of the power parties and exposes the mutually beneficial relationship between all_means_all.. No, Mi, you know .. Whoever pays will go alone, not with four guests! It is known who buys flags and treasuries and distributes prizes to satisfy positions, ministries and employment.”


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