Wafaa Al-Kilani raises controversy with this statement


The Egyptian presenter, Wafaa Al-Kilani, sparked a great controversy after she asked about the difference between humans and animals and based on a picture in which the answer she wants and everyone in the world wants.

She wrote: “What is the difference between man and animal? The animal betrays you if it is hungry, but the person betrays you if he is full.”

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She did not mention in her tweet the owner of the saying, the first republican president of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina after the end of the Bosnia and Herzegovina war, Ali Izetbegovic, who wrote at the time: “An animal is dangerous when it is hungry, but an ego is dangerous when it is satiated.”

Some questioned the reason for what she wrote, and who betrayed her, especially since there are no differences between her and the artistic community or her colleagues in the media and the press, and some linked her words to a rumor he met with the Syrian actor Tim_Hassan.

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But we confirm that their relationship is still fine and there is no divorce between them, and they still maintain their married life despite their busy work, but Tim supported her some time ago by publishing a picture of her from her new program, which will be shown soon.

Many of us suffer from human treachery in exchange for animals’ loyalty to him, how many of us have suffered from successive stabs from people we thought were closest to our heart and us, and at the first junction they left us alone and smashed our bones, our days and our lives for their interests or because they found an alternative to us.

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I remember once in the play “Not Different” presented by the wonderful Lebanese actor, George Khabbaz, who said in Mashhad that people describe each other as donkeys. Sell ​​your land like a human being.”


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