Video Simple ways to speed up Chrome browser


Abdul Rahman Al Hajj

  Thursday, July 22, 2021 - 12:01    </span>

You may have a problem with your browser Chrome Which is developed by Google and is considered one of the most used browsers, as it acquires a very large percentage among other browsers on the Internet, and the good news here is that there are several simple ways through which you can speed up the work of the browser.

Ways to speed up Chrome browser

  • The first thing that Internet experts recommend to speed up the Chrome browser and avoid malfunctions, is to search for new updates officially approved by Google for the browser, because new updates may fill security holes and fix previous problems.
  • Technical experts also recommend deleting all unused and unnecessary add-ons, and they also recommend deleting add-ons with Google Chrome that are often not used.
  • Also, when you notice slow browser performance, you must check the Internet network settings on the device and check the work of the Internet used across several devices.
  • Opening a large number of tabs and Internet pages simultaneously may affect the speed of the browser, so experts advise closing sites and pages that you do not need to use while working.
  • Among the things that may affect the work of the browser Chrome The cache in it is full with temporary browsing information, so it is recommended to empty this data from the browser from time to time.


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