Video shocking Tunisians.. Corona corpses next to hospital garbage


A video clip, in which a number of the bodies of Corona virus victims are laid out next to garbage bags in a government hospital in Tunis, shocked the country, in a scene showing the tragedy of Corona that exhausted the Tunisian health sector.

In the details, one of the families went to receive the body of their relative, who died as a result of the Corona virus, from the Covid department at Charles Nicole Hospital in the capital yesterday, Wednesday, but they were surprised that he was inside a room designated for hospital waste and garbage instead of keeping it in the dead room, with foul odors emission, so she documented the scene and published it on websites Social Media.

The video clip showed the bodies of Corona victims lying on the floor and stacked in a random room inside the hospital, along with garbage bags without protection, amid a state of neglect and the complete absence of hospital officials, which angered the Tunisians.

“Humanity is dead”

One of the activists commented on the video by saying, “Humanity has died, even the dead can no longer find someone to honor him in this country.” to deny or conceal it.

In response to these criticisms, Dr. Moncef Hamdoun, head of the forensic medicine department at Charles Nicole Hospital, said in a radio statement that the daily number of deaths in the hospital ranges between 10 and 18 people per day, which has caused “overcrowding of corpses in the mortuary department and its capacity to be filled.” Exhuming the bodies of the Covid-19 dead requires special procedures from the municipality, and these procedures take time, adding that the corpses that appeared in the video along with the garbage will be removed quickly.

Refrigerated truck for body preservation

He added, “We are currently thinking of acquiring a refrigerated truck to store the bodies, and citizens should not have been allowed to enter the room and photograph it, noting that the cleaner who erred in putting garbage in the mortuary will be held accountable.”

Tunisia is living in a critical health situation under the impact of the fourth wave of the epidemic that struck the country weeks ago, as it recorded record numbers in the number of daily injuries and deaths, reaching more than 6000 cases and 177 deaths yesterday, a record that the country has not witnessed since the epidemic began last year. The center of the slow introduction of pollination.


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