Video- Shocking gifts from Dina El-Sherbiny for Maya Diab


The Lebanese actress reviewedMaya DiabWhat Egyptian actress Dina El-Sherbiny presented to her, in a video she posted on her personal account on the social networking site
The video shows a large amount of sweets, chocolate and even medicines that Dina brought from Egypt, in light of the crisis in Lebanon. Maya said in the video: “SeeDina El-SherbinyWhat brought me from Egypt with her, and you know how we live in Lebanon… I asked her how many jobs she did, and she brought all the needs with her.
On the other hand, Maya reaps the success of her new song “sweetest wordsHer music video achieved 5 million views on her YouTube channel, which is from the words ofMahmoud Khayami, composed byNasser generation​And music arrangement by Hadi Sharara.


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