Video | “Renard’s fault is that he only sees Yasser Al-Shahrani in all of Saudi Arabia!”


Sports journalist Khaled Abu Ghanem blamed the French, Herve Renard; The coach of the Saudi national team, regarding how he dealt with Yasser Al-Shahrani; Left-back Al-Hilal, stressing that this is the only defect he has found in him recently.

Al-Shahrani played eight matches under Renard, starting with a full 90 minutes, during the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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Abu Ghanem said, during his statements to the “Al-Hassad Sports Program”: “At the beginning of Renard’s assumption of responsibility, it was not convincing for me, but I was afraid and did not expect that we would qualify for the finals of the World Cup, if he continued with his convictions, but recently his touches began to appear on the team’s performance. And his influence began to appear as well, what matters to us in the end is performance, but his choice of elements is the best.”

He added: “In the last three or four matches with Renard, he changed and the harmony became greater, and I began to see a camel, but my observation on him so far is that he still sees that the whole of Saudi Arabia does not have except for Yasser Al-Shahrani, and is not convinced by the experience of other players, everyone is convinced that Al-Shahrani is one of the best The players are in his position, but he is the best even in the whole Gulf. I do not underestimate his stardom, but we must have another left-back. He plays with Ali Al-Bulayhi in this position and he is basically a central defender. Al-Bulayhi was covering his place as a central defender last season with difficulty, So Renard comes and uses him as a full-back? This step did not convince me, and I am afraid of exaggerating the fatwa on such decisions.”