Video.. Astronomical research: The Earth’s farthest distance from the sun does not affect the temperature


Dr. Gad Al-Qadi, head of the National Institute for Astronomical Research, said that the Earth’s reaching the farthest distance from the sun tomorrow does not make a difference in temperatures, explaining that the sun falls perpendicular to the earth; Due to proximity to the Tropic of Cancer.Al-Qadi added, during a telephone interview to the “The Truth” program, presented by the media, Aya Abdul Rahman, on the “Extra News” satellite channel, on Sunday evening, that the Earth’s rotation around itself is 24 hours, explaining that the planet revolves around the sun a cycle of 365 and a quarter days.

He explained that the Earth rotates at an angle of 23.4 degrees around the sun; Because it is not a regular spherical shape, but rather is characterized by a kind of elongation, saying that this leads to the approach of the Earth and its distance from the Sun throughout the year.

He explained that the Earth’s rotation around the Sun leads to the formation of the four seasons, adding that the average distance between the Sun and Earth is 150 million km, which is equivalent to 8 light minutes.

The Jeddah Astronomical Society said that the Earth will reach the farthest “aphelion” in its orbit around the sun this year at 01:27 after midnight Saudi time (10:27 pm GMT), about two weeks after the summer solstice.


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