Verstappen snatches 3 points by winning short qualifying race at Silverstone


Formula 1 has decided to change the weekend formula for 3 Grands Prix as the new formula was tested for the first time at Silverstone with a short qualifying race (17 laps) in order to determine the official grid for Sunday’s race.

Although Lewis Hamilton was the fastest driver during Friday’s qualifying session (usually on Saturday) allowing him to start pole position, Verstappen, who started behind him, overcame him from the start.

The Red Bull driver quickly took the lead just before turning one, while Fernando Alonso was the ‘champion’ of the first lap by moving up to fifth after starting from 11th on the grid.

On the sixth lap Lando Norris overtook Alonso, while Sergio Perez lost control of his car and ran out of the track, having been very lucky not to hit the side barriers. The Mexican driver slipped to the penultimate position.

Hamilton tried to close the gap with Verstappen, but the latter was able to keep the Briton within 1.8 seconds of him to snatch victory in the pole race.

This is Paul Bozech’s number 8 in his career and his fifth this season, after starting first in Bahrain, France, Styria and Austria.

“It’s difficult to overtake on this circuit but we had a good start and tried to keep our pace after that,” Verstappen said.

Hamilton will start second in front of team mate Valtteri Bottas, while Charles Leclerc will be fourth.

McLaren finished fifth and sixth with Norris and Daniel Ricciardo respectively, while Alonso finished seventh.

Eighth place went to Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel, while George Russell and Esteban Ocon completed the top ten.

Another Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz Jr., who was one of the main losers of the new formula, will start from 11th place, while Pierre Gasly of Alpha Tauri finished 12th.

Kimi Raikkonen advanced several places in the race, ending it in 13th place, ahead of Lance Stroll and his Alfa Romeo teammate Antonio Giovinazzi.

Yuki Tsunoda came in 16th place in front of Nikola Latifi, while the Haas duo finished in the last two places with Mick Schumacher and Nikola Latifi.

It should be noted that Perez withdrew from the race in the last laps of the race, which means that he will start from last place in the main race on Sunday.




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