Verstappen crash cost Red Bull $1.8 million


Horner: Verstappen crash cost Red Bull $1.8 million

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Horner: Verstappen crash cost Red Bull $1.8 million

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LONDON (Reuters) – Red Bull boss Christian Horner said on Friday that Max Verstappen’s British Grand Prix collision with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton cost Red Bull $1.8 million, with “enormous repercussions” for a team operating under the Formula 1 budget cap.

Horner revealed to Red Bull’s website that the world championship leader’s driver’s seat was destroyed in the accident that occurred on the first lap of the race, which was held last Sunday at Silverstone.

Horner continued to blame Hamilton and said the race-winning and seven-times world champion Mercedes driver deserved a harsh punishment.

“Given the severity of the incident and the reduced penalty, we are reviewing all statements and have the right to request a review.

“So we’re still looking at the evidence and looking at all of our options.”

Horner accused Hamilton earlier this week of endangering Verstappen’s life after a collision that ended the Dutch driver’s race last Sunday.

Horner said Hamilton made an amateurish mistake by trying to overtake Verstappen in Copps’s right-hand turn on the first lap and described the Briton’s 99th win as “meaningless”.

He noted that Hamilton, who feels he did not cause the accident, put the life of one of his rivals “in danger”.

“We are lucky today, fortunately after a crash with 51 times gravity no driver was seriously injured. What pisses me off is the lack of appreciation.

“Fortunately we got away today but it could have been a lot worse, and the 10 second penalty was meaningless.”

The controversial incident reduced Verstappen’s world championship lead from 33 to eight points after 10 rounds.

Hamilton was given a 10-second stop for the accident before taking the lead from Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc two laps from the end.

Horner said Verstappen bruised and went to the hospital to undergo tests after the biggest accident of his career in Formula 1.

The race to fix the tire wall was halted.

(Prepared by Ashraf Hamed for the Arab Newsletter)


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