Twitter’s profits exceed expectations… and 206 million active users


In the second quarter of this year, Twitter reported better net profit and revenue than analysts had expected, as well as a slightly better-than-expected performance in terms of significant data on the number of active users, which currently stands at 206 million.

The market interacted positively with these results, as the share price of “Twitter” increased by 4.64% in electronic trading after the closure of “Wall Street”.The number of daily users who are described as “revenue generators,” meaning they are exposed to ads on the platform, reached 206 million at the end of June, an increase of 7 million between the first and second quarters, while the market was betting on reaching 205.9 million.

Twitter attributed this progress to a number of factors, including technical improvements that provided users with more focus on the content that interests them by allowing tweets to be classified according to a group of main topics called “topics.”

Twitter has also improved its ability to detect tweets with harsh or obscene language, she asserts, as they are often criticized for the tone of some hateful comments and posts.Twitter also recorded a strong increase in ad revenue of 17% from the previous quarter, and almost double (87%) compared to the same period last year, reaching $1.05 billion.

The social network attributed this increase in part to improved ad targeting tools and those available to advertisers for the video feature.

“The slowdown in user growth may continue because the base is already large,” Nazm Islam, an analyst at eMarketer, said, but he expected “another strong growth in advertising revenue in the next quarter.”

Total revenues amounted to 1.19 billion dollars, compared to the expectations of 1.06 billion, while the net profit in the share price reached 8 cents, compared to 7 cents that the market had expected.


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