Tunisian Health: We are witnessing an unprecedented spread of the “alpha” and “delta” strains of Corona


Tunisian Health: We are witnessing an unprecedented spread of the two strains of Corona



Precautionary measures against Corona in Tunisia

Today, Friday, the Tunisian Ministry of Health said that the country is witnessing a wide spread of two mutated strains of the emerging corona virus.

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Tunisia announces the highest daily death toll from Corona since the beginning of the pandemic

The ministry’s statement stated that “our country is witnessing an unprecedented epidemic wave characterized by a wide spread of mutated (alpha) and (delta) strains in most of the states of the republic, the high rate of injuries and the number of cases cared for in hospitals, as well as an unfortunate rise in the number of deaths. Our country is waging a real war against the epidemic. This requires all of us to close ranks, give priority to the national interest, and stand by our health teams.”

The ministry renewed its thanks to the health sector workers for their efforts to combat the pandemic, “within the framework of a health system that has proven and is still capable of challenging difficulties thanks to the competence of its daughters and sons, and thanks to the solidarity of Tunisian women and the joint cooperation with the friends and brothers of our country.”

It is noteworthy that Tunisian customs services revealed yesterday, Wednesday, the entry of 100,000 cubic meters of oxygen as a gift from Algeria to medical services in Tunisia, to help them confront the pandemic.

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