Tools and applications to record screen content on Android devices


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          <p>If you use your personal computer, you can easily record what is going on on your screen as a video presentation through the Game Bar feature on Windows, the built-in recording tool on Mac OS, or the Screen Recording tool on Apple mobile devices.  But what about the Android operating system?  In this topic, we will mention several ways to record your screen content for this system.

Compact tool

Google introduced a screen recording tool in Android 11, but some devices from other companies offer their own, and there are a large number of devices still running Android 10 or less. The Android Screen Recorder tool built into Android 11, which can be accessed by sliding the finger on the screen from the top to the bottom, can be used to display the screen of alerts and shortcuts.

From this screen, you can click on the “Screen Recorder” icon and grant it the recording permission, choose the audio source (from the device or the microphone if the user wants to add his voice during the recording process) and then click on the “Start Recording” option, which will display a timer Shorts to start the registration process. A new tape will appear on the screen that allows the user to pause recording or end the process, hide the tape and draw on the screen, and activate the front camera to record the user’s face during the process, with the ability to move the tape around the screen according to desire. And the recording will be saved in the phone after completing the process in the form of a video file, with the ability to play it back at any time, or share it with others. You can also press and hold the Screen Recorder icon to display more options.

free apps

The free Google Play Games app. If you want to record your gameplay of a game, you can use it that can record a video of any game in 480 and 720 resolutions and add a video for you through the front camera while playing. To start the process, you must launch the application and select the desired game (the application will display any game on your device’s home screen or a game you have previously downloaded). You can click on the game icon and choose “Record” from the top, choose the desired recording resolution, and then click on the “Launch” option to start the game. A bar will appear above the screen showing recording settings that include audio source controls, front camera, and start and stop recording, with the ability to move the tape anywhere on the screen you want. You can press the red button to start the recording process, a 3-second timer will appear in front of you, and the application will start recording the screen content. You can press the same button a second time to stop recording, or you can move the tape towards the X button to stop recording as well. The video can also be edited or uploaded to the Internet, as desired.

The free ADV Screen Recorder app offers a convenient option for recording screen content. To start recording, simply press the + icon to display the button bar that allows you to control the recording from anything. Note that you cannot interact with any part of the screen when viewing this bar. As for the tools that the tape offers, it allows you to start recording, activate the front camera, view previous recordings, and draw on the screen during the recording process. This, and the application must be granted the Permission it requests to function properly. You can press a button to start or stop the recording, and then edit it from within the application itself and adjust the recording resolution (up to 1080) and the Bit Rate (up to 15 megabytes per second, or 1.9 megabytes per second, because one megabyte is equivalent to 8 megabytes) and the number of photos per second (up to 60 frames per second), as well as the ability to rotate the recording tilt to be vertical or horizontal, and select the audio source. The transparency of the button bar and the icon can also be modified or removed completely, so that the recording is without any additions. This, and visual effects can be added showing the position of the user’s finger touching the screen to clarify the process for viewers (this feature must be activated in the phone settings in advance). After completing the recording, the button bar can be closed by pressing and holding it and dragging it towards the X button at the bottom of the screen.

Online broadcast

Another interesting app is the free AZ Screen Recorder (which contains ads that can be removed when you buy the paid version for $2.99) that can record video shows, take still photos, and stream the recording directly over the Internet. The application settings can be controlled from the screen of alerts and shortcuts to the phone after granting the necessary permission to work, with a button bar displayed on the screen. You can press the orange button of the camera to start recording screen content, and click on the small camera icon to stop or start recording, view previous recordings, and start a live broadcast via Facebook or YouTube. You can preview, edit, and share photos and recordings with others from within the app, displaying a menu of settings that allow you to customize recordings, such as resolution (2220 x 1080 pixels), number of images per second (up to 60 fps), average recording size (up to 16 Mbps, or 2 megabytes per second), rotating the recording tilt to be vertical or horizontal, accelerating time-lapse recording and controlling the audio source. There is an option in the application that allows removing the button bar from the recording (before starting the recording) or making it transparent so that its location can be clicked even if it is not visible, in order to stop the recording.

  • We mention the free Mobizen Screen Recorder application, which is characterized as working as a button bar only and not as a separate application. You can click the Record button directly, take a screenshot, preview previous recordings and adjust recording options. The recording can also be paused and completed with ease, while providing tools for editing the recordings and sharing them with others. As for the recording options, it is possible to adjust the resolution (up to 1080), the number of images per second (up to 60 images per second) and the source of the audios, with the ability to remove the button bar from the recording (before starting the recording) or adjust its transparency, and edit the video automatically using the special built-in tools . This, the application supports the operation of the front camera during the recording process. Ads can be removed from the app by purchasing its paid version for $3.99 per month and the ability to add a user’s logo to recordings.

* The last application that we will mention in this topic is the free “Super Screen Recorder” that allows recording screen content, taking pictures, drawing over the screen, broadcasting content directly over the Internet (via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) and activating the camera front end. The application also supports editing recordings, adding music to the recording, merging several recordings and images into one video, compressing the size of the final video file, converting parts of it into GIF animations, and other useful functions. The settings menu allows you to choose the recording resolution (up to 1080), the number of images per second (up to 60 images per second), the average recording size (up to 12 Mbps, or 1.5 Mbps) and rotate the recording tilt to be portrait or landscape. It is also possible to specify the source of the audios and add visual effects that show the position of the user’s finger touching the screen to explain the process to the viewers (after activating this feature from the phone settings menu). The application will display ads, but the professional version can be purchased for $2.99 ​​per month and provides the ability to add any sound over the recordings, Dubbing, modify sounds, add special images (such as the user’s channel logo in “YouTube”) in place of the button bar, and other functions.


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