Tom Hanks on his birthday.. a Hollywood legend who suffered from a troubled childhood


Today coincides with the birthday of Hollywood legend Tom Hanks, who is classified by many as the most talented movie star, as he appeared with his artistic career filled with many distinguished roles he presented during his career, and as a result, the star, who completed his 64th year today, won many awards in addition to having a large audience base that did not He dreams that the actor who suffered from a turbulent childhood will reach her, as he described it, while addressing his memories in the past.

During his childhood, he was deprived of tenderness and the basic needs in the life of every child. His family was moving from one city to another due to difficult living conditions, which caused his life to be turbulent, and he lost with her the intimate connection with places and homes, and his parents separated when he was young.

Tom Hanks’ acting journey at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival in 1977, after which he moved to New York to co-star in the series Bosom buddies.

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

His great fame started after his participation in the movie starring Splash.

The nineties for Tom Hanks were golden, he co-starred in films such as: sleepless in Seattle AndPhiladelphia Along with Denzel Washington.

tom hanks
tom hanks

In 1994, Hanks continued his success with a movie Forrest gumHe won the Academy Award for the second time after receiving the Academy Award the previous year for his role in the movie. Philadelphia.

Known for mastering the roles to a great extent, in addition to taking into account the physical changes appropriate to each role, Tom Hanks gained 30 pounds of weight for his role in A League of Their Own with the help of the ice cream shop next door.

While he lost a large part of his weight during the filming of a movie cast awayAt the beginning of the movie, he gained 25 kilograms, while he returned to losing this weight in a short period of time, to appear in a convincing performance of a person who was left on an island for 4 years!


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