Tokyo Olympics: Sports competitions kick off in Fukushima


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Fukushima (Japan) (AFP)

Sports competitions in the Tokyo Summer Olympics began on Wednesday, two days before its official opening, with softball matches in Fukushima, which was hit by an earthquake and nuclear disaster in 2011.

Japan defeated Australia by a landslide 8-1 in the first sports competitions for the games last year due to the Corona virus pandemic, in front of empty stadiums due to the ban on fans in light of a health emergency imposed in the country.

The organizers wanted to launch the competitions from the region that was hit by a nuclear disaster in March 2011, after a devastating 9-magnitude earthquake off the northeastern coast and a massive tsunami that led to a nuclear meltdown and radiation contamination of nearby areas, making some towns uninhabitable for years and displacing tens of thousands of residents. .

The games are held in a tight health bubble, where players are subjected to “Covid-19” tests daily, with the adoption of social distance and wearing masks, in case they are outside competitions, exercising, eating or sleeping.

It is expected that the Australian city of Brisbane will later be awarded the honor of hosting the 2032 Olympics, in a vote by the International Olympic Committee.


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