Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony director fired for ‘anti-Semitic jokes’


Tokyo 2020 organizers announced Thursday the dismissal of the Olympic opening ceremony director, following news reports of his previous comments about the “Holocaust.”

Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto said at a news briefing that Kentaro Kobayashi had been expelled over previous comments that mocked the tragedy.

It was a newspaperMainichiThe Japanese quoted a report, Thursday, reviewing a statement by an Israeli organization, based in the United States, condemning Kobayashi’s previous comments.

According to the newspaper, Kobayashi was a member of the Japanese comedy group “Ramens”.

It is believed that Kobayashi participated in a satirical play, in 1998, in which he made some “anti-Semitic jokes”.

Unfortunately, the bad news has accompanied this Olympics for more than a year, especially since the Corona pandemic caused it to be postponed significantly, and even imposed many changes to the mechanism of its organization.

And the Olympic organizers announced, on Thursday, that two athletes residing in the Olympic Village were infected with the emerging coronavirus.

The organizers also announced the detection of 12 new cases of Covid-19 among people associated with the Olympics, including the two athletes, bringing the total injuries so far to 87.


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