Tokyo Olympics.. Four Arab medals on the third day


The Arabs yielded abundantly, on Monday, within the third day of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, with four medals, most notably the silver of the Jordanian taekwondo player, Saleh Al-Sharbati.

To the silver of Al-Sharbati in the weight of -80 kg, the Egyptian taekwondo player, Seif Issa, won the bronze in the same weight, while the Egyptian, Hedaya Malak, won the taekwondo bronze in the weight-67 kg, while the Kuwaiti veteran archer Abdullah Al-Rashidi was crowned with the skeet bronze for the second time respectively.

The young Tunisian Ahmed Al-Hafnawi won the gold in the 400-meter freestyle race, Sunday, and his compatriot Mohamed Khalil Al-Jandoubi silver -58 kg in taekwondo.

The second medal in Jordan’s history

Al-Sharbati, ranked sixth in the world, won the silver in the 80-kilogram weight class on Monday, after losing in the final to the Russian world number one, Maxim Khramchev, who participated under a neutral flag, 20-9.

Al-Sharbati gave his country its second ever medal at the Olympics, after Ahmed Abu Ghosh, whom Al-Sharbati considers his best example, won the first gold in taekwondo when he won the gold – 68 kg in Rio 2016.

Al-Sharbati represented the national taekwondo team for the first time in the Luxor International Championships in Egypt in 2016, where he succeeded in achieving the bronze medal.

The marketing player’s dream was to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics without realizing that a medal was possible. In a statement in 2018, he said, β€œI want to play in Tokyo and represent my country there and strive to repeat what my colleague Ahmed Abu Ghosh – my role model – did in Rio when he awarded Jordan the historic gold medal.”

After his victory in the semi-finals, he said in an interview with AFP: “I thanked my Lord because these efforts were not in vain (…) I thought of my family because they worked hard with me and stood by my side to get here.”

Egyptian Bronze Double

In taekwondo also, the Egyptian duo, Seif Issa and Hedaya Malak, awarded their country the first medals by winning the bronze -80 and -67 kg, respectively, after the first victory over the Norwegian, Richard Andre Ordiman, and the second over the American, Paige Macpherson, ranked fifth in the world.

On his way to the bronze, Issa, the Italian, beat Simone Alessio, the 2019 world champion.

“Becoming the world champion is never easy, and the match was very close, I tried to stay focused,” Issa, 23, told AFP after his victory over Alessio.

Moroccan Achraf Mahboubi reached the quarter-finals at the expense of Ivory Coast, Cheikh Sala CissΓ©, the gold medalist of Rio 2016 and ranked third in the world, 21-11.

On the other hand, Malak added a second bronze in her tally after winning five years ago, to add to the bronze – 57 kg she won at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Hedaya became the first Arab player to win two Olympic medals in taekwondo competitions, while Egypt raised its tally to four bronze medals in its history in taekwondo competitions at the Olympics.

Kuwait..the second time in a row

Kuwaiti shooter Abdullah Al-Rashidi was not aware that his participation in the skeet competition would lead him to win a bronze medal for the second time in a row, especially as he came as an “emergency participant” after the apology of a colleague.

Al-Rashidi, who conquered the whiteness of his hair (58 years), won a second bronze medal in a row, after scoring 46 points, and behind the American, Vincent Hancock (59, Olympic number), and the Danish, Jesper Hansen (55), and is still aspiring to win a gold medal in Paris 2024 Olympics.

“I am proud of this achievement for the second time in a row, and I hope the next time in Paris 2024 will be crowned with gold,” he told Qatar’s beIN Sports.

Al-Rashidi, who is participating in his seventh Olympic Games, continued: “This indicates that my level is good and stable. I discovered some mistakes and will develop them in the next eighth participation. I am currently thinking of another way to qualify the largest number of Arab shooters for the upcoming tournaments.”

And fate smiled at Al-Rashidi, who was not originally part of the delegation traveling to Tokyo, but rather replaced his colleague, Saud Al-Kandari, who apologized for entering the Olympics due to special circumstances.

While Abdullah came third, Mansour came in the sixteenth place, ahead of the Egyptian Azmi Mahilbeh (19), the Saudi Saeed Al-Mutairi (22), the Emirati Saif bin Fattis (24) and the Egyptian Hamdi Mustafa (29) out of 30 participants.

Among the women, Moroccan Ibtisam Marighi ranked 16th and Bahraini Mariam Hassani ranked 24th with 112 points.

In the fencing, the two Egyptians, Alaa Abu al-Qasim and Muhammad Maher Hamza, came out of the quarter-finals of the fencing competition.

And after Abul-Qasim, 30, silver holder of London 2012, in the round of 32 outperformed German Benjamin Klebrinck 15-11, then the Russian under a neutral flag Vladislav Melnikov 15-12, he went out to Japan’s Takahiro Shikini 13-15.

For his part, 20-year-old Muhammad Maher Hamza defeated Englishman Marcus Mpstead 15-13, and then overcame Italian Andrea Cassara 15-3, before losing to Czech Aleksandar Chubinic 9-15.

And he was eliminated from the round of 64, the Algerian Salim Harwi, and from the round of 32, the Egyptian Mohamed Hassan.

Among the women, the Algerian Al-Hussam competition, Kawthar Mohamed Belkabir, and the Tunisian, Nadia Benazizi, came out early from the 64th round, then the Egyptian Nada Hafez and the other Tunisian Amira Ben Shaaban from the 32nd round.

Loss of hand and plane

In handball, Egypt was unable to avenge Denmark, which was defeated by penalty kicks in the quarter-finals of the World Championship and lost to it 27-32 in the second round of the group stage, while Bahrain again fell into the trap of the last moments against Portugal 25-26.

In volleyball, the Tunisian team suffered its second loss when it fell to France 3-0 on Monday in the second round of Group B competitions.

In weightlifting, Tunisian Noha Andalusi ranked eighth, penultimate, in weight 55 kg, after lifting a total of 196 kg (88 snatches and 108 netters).

In table tennis, Egyptian Omar Assar defeated Ukrainian Ko Li 4-3 in the second round.

In boxing, Algerian Younes Nemmouchi defeated Ugandan Kafuma David Simogo 5-0 in the round of 32 in the weight class 69-75 kg.

In swimming, the Moroccan, Lina Khiara, came fourth in her group in the 200-meter freestyle qualifiers, and the Lebanese Gabriella Douaihy was the final fifth, and the Palestinian, Yazan Al-Bawab, came fifth in the 100-meter freestyle qualifiers.


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