Tokyo Olympics.. Find out the dates of Moroccan competitions


Moroccan athletes compete in 18 competitions, but there remains Athletics The biggest bet is for the Maghreb country, which used to shine in this sport during previous tournaments.

Here are the dates for Moroccan competitions in the Olympics Tokyo:

In shooting, Ibtisam Mararihi is competing in the second round today, Monday, July 26th.

In taekwondo, Ashraf Mahboubi will face Shaik Salah in the men’s 80kg championship on July 26th.

In swimming, Lina will compete in the women’s 200m freestyle class on July 26th.

Swimmer Sami Boutwell will also compete in the men’s 100m freestyle event on July 27.

In surfing, Ramzy Buchaim faces France’s Michael in the third round on July 26th.

In beach soccer, Morocco will play Brazil on July 27, before facing Chile on July 30.

In boxing, Younes Bala will fight David Neyka in the round of 16, on July 27, and Omaima Belhabib will face her Ukrainian counterpart in the round and on the same day.

in a AthleticsAbdul Rahim Moom competes in the 73 kg weight category, on July 28.

In judo, Asma Niang will face Italy’s Alice Belandi in the women’s 70kg championship, on July 28.

Finally, in the rowing competition, Saudi Masis will compete in the first round on July 28.


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