The US President affirms his aspiration to strengthen the partnership with Iraq


US President Joe Biden affirmed his aspiration to “strengthen the partnership between the United States of America and Iraq,” and work to advance bilateral cooperation..

Biden said – in a tweet on the micro-blogging site (Twitter) today (Monday) – that he will host – later today – Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi at the White House..

On Sunday, Al-Kazemi arrived in the American capital, Washington, at the head of a delegation on an official visit.

Al-Kazemi said – before leaving Baghdad – that this visit comes within the framework of Iraq’s efforts to consolidate a close relationship with the United States of America, based on the foundations of mutual respect and bilateral cooperation in various fields..

He added that the visit culminates in long and hard work during the strategic dialogue sessions to organize the security relationship between the two countries on the basis of the Iraqi national interest.

For its part, the American newspaper “New York Times” suggested that Al-Kazemi would ask Biden to withdraw all American combat forces from Iraq, noting that the United States may meet Iraq’s demand, but only in theory.


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