The UAE is a regional headquarters for 46 of the 50 most important global companies – the economist – the economy of the Emirates


The UAE accounted for the lion’s share in hosting the regional headquarters of major international companies operating in the region. According to a list published by the American magazine “Forbes”, the UAE hosts the regional headquarters of 46 out of 50 companies, the most important international companies operating in the Middle East.

The 46 companies with regional headquarters in the UAE varied, covering various sectors and fields, between e-shopping companies such as “Amazon” and companies specializing in modern technology, both in terms of social communication such as “Facebook”, search engines such as “Google”, Or with hardware and software, such as the American “Intel” for manufacturing computer chips and processors, the German “SAP SE” for software, and “Microsoft,” complex electronic technologies such as the American “Honeywell,” and communications such as the American “Cisco” and the South African “MTN” group.

The UAE also hosts the regional headquarters of industrial companies with diverse activities such as the American General Electric, mining and manufacturing such as the American 3M, aircraft manufacturing such as Airbus and Boeing, phone manufacturers such as Nokia and Ericsson, companies Communications such as German car manufacturers BMW and American General Motors, auto parts such as South Korean Mobis, pharmaceutical production such as France’s Sanofi, Switzerland’s Novartis and Britain’s GlaxoSmithKline. Chemicals such as the American “Dow” and the German “BASF”, and the manufacture of imaging equipment, such as the Japanese “Canon”.

The list was not without companies specialized in the production of fast-moving goods, including companies that manage fast food restaurants such as “McDonald’s” and produce food commodities such as “Nestlé” of Switzerland, “Kraft Heinz” and “Pepsico” of the Americas, in addition to companies of home care and personal care products such as Henkel, Germany, Procter & Gamble, and Johnson, the United States.

The list also included construction and infrastructure companies such as Spain’s Acciona and China’s China State Construction Engineering Corporation, international banks such as Britain’s HSBC and Standard Chartered, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Bank of America. Payment services such as Visa and MasterCard Digital solutions and energy automation companies such as France’s Schneider Electric Management consulting companies such as Ireland’s Accenture Financial services such as the American State Street Real estate advisory such as JL L.L., media services such as the American “OMG”, medical care such as the Swiss “Hoffmann-La Roche” and the American “Cigna” for health insurance services.


International companies whose regional headquarters are hosted in the UAE

Sector Company name Nationality

1 American “Amazon” online shopping

2 Modern technology – social networking «Facebook» American

3 Modern technology – American Google search engines

4 Modern technology – American “Intel” hardware and software

5 Modern technology – American “Microsoft” hardware and software

6 Modern technology – German “SAP SE” hardware and software

7 Modern technology – the complex electronic technologies “Honeywell” are American

8 Modern Technology – Communications «MTN» South Africa

9 Modern technology – American “Cisco” communications

10 industrial – a variety of industries, “General Electric” of America

11 industrial-mining and manufacturing American «3M»

12 Industrial – Aircraft manufacturing, French “Airbus”

13 Industrial – US “Boeing” aircraft manufacturing

14 Industrial – manufactures Finnish “Nokia” phones

15 Industrial – Swedish Ericsson phone manufacture

16 industrial – German BMW car manufacture

17 Industrial – American “General Motors” car manufacturing

18 Industrial – Korean “Mobis” auto parts

19 Industrial – French “Sanofi” medicines

20 Industrial – Swiss “Novartis” medicines

21 Industrial – British “GlaxoSmithKline” drugs

22 Industrial – American “Dow” chemicals

23 Industrial – German “BASF” chemicals

24 Industrial – Japanese “Canon” imaging equipment industry

25 Fast Moving Goods – American McDonald’s Fast Food

26 Fast Moving Goods – Swiss Nestlé Food Commodities

27 Fast moving goods – American “Kraft Heinz” food commodities غذائية

28 Fast-circulating goods – American “PepsiCo” food commodities

29 Fast Moving Goods – American Henkel Personal Care Products

30 fast-moving goods – American “Procter & Gamble” personal care products

31 Fast Moving Goods – American Johnson’s Personal Care Products

32 Construction and Infrastructure Spanish «Acciona»

33 Construction and Infrastructure «China State Construction Engineering Corporation» China

34 Banks «HSBC» British

35 British Standard Chartered Banks

36 Banks Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Chinese

37 American Banks “Bank of America”

38 US “Visa” Payment Solutions

39 American “MasterCard” payment solutions

40 digital solutions and energy automation «Schneider Electric» French

41 Management Consulting – Irish “Accenture”

42 American “State Street” financial advisory

43 Consulting – real estate «JLL» American

44 American OMG Media Services

45 Medical Care «Hoffmann-La Roche» Swiss

46 American Cigna medical care الطبية



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