The UAE contributes 80% of the volume of international aid during “Covid-19” – localities – health


The official spokesman for the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, Dr. Taher Al-Amiri, said that the UAE’s aid constituted 80% of the volume of the international response to troubled countries during the “Covid-19” pandemic.

During the periodic briefing, Al-Amiri stated that the total number of medical aid, respiratory devices, examination devices, personal protection equipment and supplies amounted to 2,154 tons, which were directed to 135 countries in the world, while the total number of medical aid flights sent reached 196, and six field hospitals were established in Sudan. And Guinea Conakry, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Lebanon and Jordan, and a mobile clinic was equipped in Turkmenistan, and aid was sent to 117 countries from the warehouses of international organizations located in the International Humanitarian City in Dubai, and in-kind aid totaling 10 million dollars was donated.

The official spokesman confirmed that the recent period during which we witnessed a decrease in the number of injuries, noting that this came as confirmation of the success of the state’s strategy in dealing with the variables and developments of the crisis, as appropriate measures are taken based on the data, which reflects the high flexibility, and the need for coexistence, which is required by the nature of the situation. Present.

He stressed that the health sector is continuing its efforts to reach community immunity, by providing vaccines to groups eligible to receive the vaccination, noting that the percentage of those receiving the first dose of the total population reached 77.91%, while the percentage of recipients of the two doses of the vaccine was 69.35% of the total population.

He called on the public, who did not take the vaccine, to hurry to take the vaccine, to protect themselves and their community, pointing out that this harmony and compatibility with the procedures has become an example of comprehensive integration, and a clear foundation in the state’s strategy to confront the pandemic, through the community’s commitment to precautionary measures, and its role in addressing the repercussions of the crisis.

He pointed out that the UAE is witnessing a decrease in the number of infections, offset by a gradual return to normal life, the return of the country’s economic and tourism activity in a broader way, and the return of employees to practice their work from the headquarters of the entities to which they belong, which achieves the concept of coexistence with the virus, which would enable humanity to Victory over the pandemic.

He called on everyone to adhere to the precautionary and preventive measures during the travel period, such as wearing a mask, physical distancing, and permanent sterilization, although they are not binding in the country to which they are traveled, stressing that high awareness and the adoption of the announced measures is the valve of prevention, as it is important to adopt a culture Positive health to enjoy the holiday, and live with measures that ensure individual and community safety.

He stressed the importance of registering in the special “My presence” service, in addition to the need to report in the event of infection with the “Covid-19” virus, noting the UAE’s keenness on its nationals wherever they are or if they are located, whether for study, treatment or tourism, as the country communicates through its embassies and consulates around the world. With them, to provide a helping hand to them in all its forms, so I assigned numbers to communicate from outside the country.

He recommended travelers to follow travel protocols, to ensure their health and safety, and the need to ensure that the destination is among the green countries, inquire about the extent of the epidemic in the destination to travel to, and fully adhere to all means of personal protection, according to the list of the World Health Organization, and provide health insurance against “Covid”. -19.”

Al Ameri said that the UAE is one of the best “safe tourism” destinations, as we have witnessed a demand for tourism, inside and outside the country, as a result of its adoption of a package of precautionary and preventive measures, ensuring that everyone spends a special time in the country within a safe environment, thus enhancing its reputation and position among the best destinations. tourism around the world.

He pointed out that Eid Al-Adha was different from previous holidays in the time of the pandemic, as we felt integration and societal cohesion through interaction and adherence to precautionary measures, which contributed to spending the Eid vacation safely.

• 77.91 percent of those who got the first dose.

• 69.35% of the total population received both doses of the vaccine.

1539 new infections إصابة

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced that 296,686 new examinations were conducted during the past hours, with the aim of early detection, counting cases infected with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), and those in contact with them and isolating them, as 1539 new cases of the virus were detected.

The ministry also announced the death of two infected cases from the repercussions of infection with the emerging corona virus, bringing the number of deaths in the country to 1929 cases. The Ministry also announced the recovery of 1,497 new cases of people infected with the emerging coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health provides 63,000 doses

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced the provision of 63,309 doses of the “Covid-19” vaccine during the past hours, bringing the total doses that were provided until yesterday 16,587,478 doses, and the rate of vaccine distribution is 167.71 doses per 100 people.

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