The Tunisian president assigns the army to manage the Corona virus crisis, the day after the dismissal of the Minister of Health


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                Tunisian President Kais Saied on Wednesday assigned the army the task of managing the health crisis in the country, a day after the dismissal of Prime Minister Hisham Mechichi and Minister of Health Fawzi Al-Mahdi, and amid the aggravation of the Corona virus pandemic crisis, with more than 550,000 injuries and nearly 18,000 deaths.  Only 950,000 Tunisians have received a full vaccination out of a total of 11.6 million people.

                                    <p>Tunisian President Kais Saied announced, on Wednesday, the assignment of the Military Health Department with the task of managing <a target="_blank" href="الأخبار-المغاربية/20210720-تونس-رئيس-الوزراء-يقيل-وزير-الصحة-وسط-انتقادات-بشأن-إدارة-أزمة-فيروس-كورونا" rel="noopener"><strong>health crisis</strong></a>  In the country, amid the exacerbation of the Corona virus pandemic, in what appears to be the latest escalation of the battle for powers with Prime Minister Hisham Meshichi.

Tunisia is struggling to control the increase in infections and deaths from the Covid-19 epidemic, in light of the intensive care wards being filled with patients, the fatigue of doctors and the exhaustion of oxygen in many hospitals.

In turn, Tunisians complain about the mismanagement of the crisis and the slow pace of the vaccination campaign.

Saeed’s decision comes a day after Meshishi dismissed Health Minister Fawzi al-Mahdi, who is close to the president, describing his decisions as “populist and criminal” after Mahdi called on young men to be vaccinated on an exceptional basis on Tuesday.

But the Tunisian president said in a statement to the channel Saudi Arab During a visit to a vaccination center in the capital, the accumulation of people in this way yesterday, Tuesday, is behind political goals, which is an orchestrated matter by parties within the political system. He added, “The Military Health Department will manage the health crisis in the country.”

International aid from European and Arab countries has arrived in Tunisia, including more than 3 million vaccine doses, as well as field hospitals and intensive care beds to help it cope with the crisis, while it is still floundering in the worst financial crisis ever and is on the verge of bankruptcy.

The country recorded more than 550,000 people infected with the Corona virus, while the total deaths approached about 18,000 people. In contrast, only 950,000 people out of a total of 11.6 million people were fully vaccinated.

FRANCE 24/Reuters



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