The Syrian Observatory: strikes target Iranian militias’ weapons depots in Aleppo countryside


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the sound of violent explosions in the Al-Safira area in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, on Monday evening, caused by air strikes targeting Iranian sites.

The observatory said that the strikes targeted military sites of the Syrian regime forces, where the headquarters and arms depots of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Iranian militias are located.

The observatory said that the “Israeli strikes”

Meanwhile, the Syrian regime’s news agency, SANA, reported that “Israeli raids” targeted “some points in the Al-Safira area,” at about 11:37 p.m. on Monday.

For its part, Israel did not confirm the launch of any air strikes.

And last month, at least 11 Syrians were killed, including seven members of the Syrian regime, as a result of the long bombing, according to the observatory, of a scientific research center near the village of Khirbet al-Tineh in the western countryside of Homs. The bombing targeted “military sites belonging to the air defense” in the area, and an ammunition depot for the Lebanese Hezbollah, south of Homs, was also targeted.

Over the past years, Israel has launched hundreds of air strikes in Syria, targeting in particular Syrian regime forces and Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah targets.

Israel rarely confirms that it has carried out strikes in Syria, but the Israeli military said in an annual report that it had bombed around 50 targets in Syria in 2020, without providing any additional details.


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