The Syndicate of Physicians on Importing Iranian Medicines: There is no objection to the requirement to check quality, quality and effectiveness


The head of the Lebanese Doctors Syndicate in Beirut, Professor Sharaf Abu Sharaf, commented on the issue of importing medicines from Iran, stressing that “Lebanon imports medicines from several Western and Eastern countries, and there is no harm or objection to that, provided that the pharmaceutical factories in these countries meet the internationally recognized scientific and laboratory conditions, Be it from India, from Pakistan, from Iran, or from the countries around us.”

Abu Sharaf stressed that “the concerned officials should examine the imported medicines, in terms of quality, quality and effectiveness, through the technical committee in the Ministry of Health and through the central laboratory, whose role was abolished decades ago, for reasons that we still do not know and despite our repeated requests that it must be reactivated in order to preserve the health of the citizen.”


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