The Somali government rejects a plan on the future of African Union forces in its country

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The Somali government rejected a new plan on the future of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) after its mandate expired at the end of this year.
He said Somali government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimmo: The Mogadishu completely rejected the report of the independent assessment team of the African Union on the future of AMISOM, which suggested four ways in which the work of the mission in Somalia could be modified.
Moallem added that his country’s government held a ministerial meeting to discuss the report and rejected its findings and recommendations, indicating that he would issue an official statement in this regard.
The proposals of the African team report included the establishment of joint forces from the United Nations and the African Union to maintain security in Somalia, reconfigure AMISOM or deploy reserve forces in East Africa in the country, or permanently withdraw African forces from Somalia.

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