The situation in Lebanon affected the drama


Lebanese artist Basem Mughniyeh confirmed that the economic situation in his country has affected art in general and Lebanese drama in particular, noting that what is happening in Lebanon is a crisis and will pass soon.

Basem Mughniyeh said in an interview with the “Sky News Arabia” website, that the producers did not despair in light of the existing crisis, and they are trying to work, and the evidence for this is the production of Lebanese artworks, but the problem lies in the Lebanese stations that have become unable to buy the works, so the producers turned to sell all Lebanese artworks for the great Arab stations.

The Lebanese artist added that the drama in his country “lacks a huge production of Lebanese artworks so that we can compete in the Arab world in a stronger and larger than usual way.”

On his artistic newness in the midst of the crisis his country is going through, Mughniyeh said: “I am preparing for a 10-episode series, whose name has not yet been settled, starring me and the Kuwaiti artist Shujoun Al-Hajri. Filming will begin soon, and it will be shown on one of the digital platforms.”

Mughniyeh pointed out that the reason for his approval of this work is the difference in the role he presents, on the quality of his previous works, because he always strives for difference and renewal, embodying within the work events the personality of a crime investigator who spoke with Kuwaiti artist Shojoun Al-Hajri, and through that they have a beautiful relationship within the dramatic context. for the series.

When asked about his preparations for the character of “The Investigator,” Mughniyeh confirmed that his role at work required him to prepare a lot because he deals with the role that he embodies academically, because he was originally a graduate of theater arts and worked as a university professor.

Part Two of “To Die”

Mughniyeh explained that after he finished filming the 10-episode series, he will start filming the second part of the series “For Death”, which embodies within its events the character of “Omar”, and the first part of it was shown during the last Ramadan season and directed by Lebanese director Philip Al Asmar.

Mughniyeh points out that what distinguishes the series “To Death” from others is that it is a non-classical work, as its events are unexpected, and the second part is scheduled to include new events full of surprises that make the viewer always think about what will happen in the upcoming episodes.

Mughniyeh expressed his happiness with the strong reactions that came to him about the first part of the series “For Death” and the character of “Omar”, which he embodies within the work events, considering that his experience with this work is an important and influential step in his artistic career.

He pointed out that Omar’s personality is complex, very difficult and contradictory, as he always combines something and its opposite and deals with each of the heroes of the work in a different way from the other, so it feels like a group of people in one person.

And Mughniyeh said: “There are common characteristics between me and Omar. I am not very stubborn and do not like to give up. He is just as sincere in my love as him, but I do not like him in drug abuse and the many women’s relationships that he enters.

Regarding the criteria for his artistic choices, Mughniyeh said: “Quality, not quantity, in addition to the presence of important and basic factors that must be present in any artwork that I participate in. It is a production company that knows well the value of art and appreciates it, and the presence of a good staff, a good script, written with high craftsmanship and a talented director, all of these factors are controlling My artistic choices, and I always make sure that they are present in any artwork I participate in.”

Egyptian Drama

Regarding his opinion of Egyptian drama, Mughniyeh explained that he was raised in Egyptian drama, such as the works of “A Woman from the Time of Love”, “Queen in Exile” and others, pointing out that his participation in Egyptian artworks makes him very happy.

He concluded his speech by saying: “Through the Egyptian drama, I achieved great successes, such as my participation in “Except I” with the two artists Naglaa Badr and Jamila Awad, and the series “The End” with Youssef Sharif. I was the second hero in the work, and I filmed 30% of my scenes, and then it was closed. The airports did not prevent me at that time from completing my role with work, and despite that, I received strong reactions about my participation in it.”


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