The Saudi Sports Company contracts with MBC to broadcast the matches of the competitions


The Saudi Sports Company announces the launch of specialized satellite sports channels and a contract with the MBC Group to provide broadcasting services for these channels and to transmit the events of the Saudi competitions (King Cup, Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League and Saudi Super Cup) for the upcoming sports season 2021-2022 for one sports season, in addition to Transferring a number of different games and sports competitions, and international sporting events hosted by Saudi Arabia.

Under this contract, MBC Group will provide support to the company to launch and operate new satellite channels in the name of SSC, in addition to providing digital broadcasting of these channels via the “Shahid” platform, to become an additional option for the sports fan to follow the details and events of Saudi football in a modern digital way.

This came after the Saudi Professional League and the Saudi Football Federation announced the signing of an agreement with the Saudi Sports Company, according to which the company will obtain the satellite and digital rights for the Saudi sports competitions, for the next sports season.


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