The Return of John Cena – Lebanese Forces Official Website


Legendary wrestler John Cena, 44, has sparked a lot of controversy on social media about his return to wrestling.

Cena surprised the fans, on Sunday night, by entering the wrestling ring after the well-known wrestler, Roman Rings, defeated his opponent, Edge, in the Money in the Bank Championship organized by WWE.

According to a report published by the “PR” sports website, Cena, the 16-time world champion, played the “role of spoiler” when he entered the ring after the Rings victory, where he addressed the fans, saying that this appearance would not be the only night, as he put it.

This is Cena’s first direct appearance in the WWE since he lost his match against Bray Wyatt in the famous Firefly Fun House match in the 36th edition of WrestleMania in April of last year.


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