The resounding bomb of the Muammar family.. Victory “farewells” Menez and “surprises” Hamdallah and Abu Bakr


Sports journalist Ahmed Asiri detonated a heavy-caliber surprise regarding Mercato Al-Nasr Club “Summer”, before the start of the new sports season 2021-2022.

The new sports season will start in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on August 12, while the summer Mercato will extend until the 30th of the same month.

Asiri revealed in a tweet on his Twitter account that Al-Nasr decided to dispense with one of the three.

Brazilian coach Mano Menez.

Cameroonian striker Vincent Aboubacar.

Moroccan striker Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah.

And the sports journalist said: “It will be impossible, for this trio to continue together, until the end of the season.”

Al-Nasr signed with Abu Bakr, in the current summer Mercato, in a free transfer deal, after the end of his contract with Turkish Besiktas.

* Serious crisis.

And, indeed, earlier, Al-Shababiya newspaper revealed that Menez asked the victory administration, headed by Musali Al Muammar, to dispense with Hamdallah, this summer.

And Menez has a very tense relationship with the Moroccan striker, since the latter objected to the decision to “replace” him in one of the 2021 AFC Champions League matches.

Thus, the presence of the duo in Al-Nassr, during the upcoming sports season, may lead to many problems.

As many critics considered, the participation of Hamdallah and Abu Bakr together, in the basic formation of Al-Nasr, is almost impossible.

Here, sitting Hamdallah or Abu Bakr on the bench will not benefit him from victory, on the contrary, it may lead to financial losses, especially since the first receives 5 million euros annually, and the second “6 million”.

So, the question now arises: Will one or more of “Menez, Hamdallah, Abu Bakr” really leave before the start of the new sports season?


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