The reference site.. The Saudi Encyclopedia of Educational Content


After the great electronic development that the world has reached, and after the various sources of information and ways to access it for the human being, a large group of leading sites have emerged in the Arab world in providing reliable information to the Arab reader, and the most famous of these sites Reference site Saudi Distinguished Encyclopedia of Educational Content.

This site is one of the pioneers of digital content in the Arab world, offering its visitors thousands of diverse articles in various disciplines and fields, so that these articles answer any question that may come to the visitor’s mind.

The site is interested in presenting a group of elite Islamic articles that detail many legal rulings in correct and impeccable ways, and they are taken from the correct Islamic fatwas of senior Muslim scholars.

The site also includes articles in the literary, technical and scientific fields. Perhaps the most important areas that the site takes care of are areas related to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including university specializations, government services, and other topics specific to the Kingdom. The site offers thousands of articles that meet the needs of citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia.

It provides educational articles for universities and their specializations, such as an article Blackboard Tech Which talks about the Blackboard system of the Technical College in the Kingdom in terms of the services it provides and about its application, and an article Blackboard Tabuk Which talks about everything related to the Blackboard e-learning system at the University of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia.

The reference site also covers many topics in the economic field, specifically topics related to banks, loans, project ideas and e-commerce.

It also includes a collection of articles in the medical field, including diseases and treatment methods documented by major international medical websites. And articles in the interpretation of dreams and the meanings of names, human development and family relations, in addition to articles in the field of cooking, dishes and sweets, and in the field of cars and their problems, advantages and offers.

The site also includes a wide range of diverse articles that vary in their topics between entertainment, entertainment, jokes, questions and answers, puzzles and other articles that are entertaining for the reader.

It is worth saying that this brilliant success achieved by the site was not the result of a pure coincidence, but was a natural result of the continuous work carried out by the management of the site and sought by all its employees, including writers, editors and developers, to bring the site to the prestigious position it has reached today, and for the reference site to be one of the The most important leading sites in the field of digital content across the Arab world and the world.


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