The reality is completely different, and here is our second home.. What did the foreigners of the Saudi League say about the Kingdom?


Some attack while looking superficially from the outside..

Judgment from abroad is always unjust. The West, and specifically Europeans, talk from time to time about the necessity of their players leaving the Saudi League and playing in Europe, due to the strength of competition and other technical reasons, which may differ or agree with them, but the truth cannot be denied by anyone. Happened in the levels of Saudi football in recent years.

But there are those who talk, with another superficial view, about the lifestyle in the Kingdom and how difficult it is, of course! Saudi Arabia has a special and unique character, and the truth is that every foreigner has experienced its love and the love of its people, but whoever speaks from abroad does not have to engage in discussions with him, so let him come and judge for himself, perhaps this is the most appropriate response!

Perhaps if the Arabs talk about the Kingdom, some claim that it is a wounded testimony between brothers, but the praise came from every foreigner who passed the Saudi League, and in the following lines we review the most prominent opinions of foreigners from coaches and players about life in the Kingdom.


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