The Professional League rejects a youth discourse on the “ninth standard”: your representatives are aware, and the system has been in place for years.


          Al-Baltan reprimanded his club officials for not protesting against him... And sources confirmed that “the old league scheduling is gone forever.”            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>Informed sources told Asharq Al-Awsat yesterday, Thursday, that the Saudi Professional League received an official letter two days ago from the Al-Shabab club that included an angry objection from the latter’s officials regarding the ninth standard that the association relied on in organizing the Saudi Professional League schedule, which will be announced next week, while the same sources stressed The youth objection was met with a categorical rejection by the association.

According to the same sources, the Saudi Professional League confirmed to the youth club management that the ninth criterion, which included that the Clasico and derby clubs “Al-Hilal, Al-Nasr, Al-Ahly, and Al-Ittihad” do not play any matches at one time is not the result of a moment and is not new as the youth management imagines, but it is an existing system approved three years ago It is available on the website of the Saudi Professional League, which is owned by the association, and the representatives of Al-Shabab Club in the last three years were aware of this standard, and at that time the association’s management did not receive any objection or question about it. Therefore, the new, strange and surprising objection by the youth was not logical, according to the official sources. .

It revealed that the ninth criterion that the Saudi Professional League relied on was not technical, as the opponents imagine, but is primarily marketing and public.

She indicated that the meeting that took place “remotely” a few days ago with representatives of the 16 Saudi clubs never objected to this criterion, including the Al-Shabab Club, where Nizar Al-Aqeel, the official in the youth team, attended, and Talal Al-Sheikh, the CEO was present for some time at the meeting. These criteria were before them and they did not object at the time, knowing that the meeting was recorded and documented by the Association, which in turn categorically rejected the idea of ​​canceling the ninth criterion.

Youth sources revealed to Asharq Al-Awsat that Khaled Al-Baltan expressed great anger against the representatives of his club in the meeting, because they did not object to this criterion, which put the club under great media and public pressure in the past few days, as he reprimanded the club’s representatives and those attending the meeting for not rejecting the merits of the ninth criterion.

According to the sources, the official youth speech that reached the association included assurances that it was the most marketable and popular of the Al-Ahly and Al-Nasr clubs, spoiled by the intensity of the viewership of its matches compared to the two mentioned clubs, in addition to the fact that the club was distinguished at the marketing level last season, as well as its strong competition with Al-Hilal, which won the title in The last rounds of the Saudi Professional League, knowing that the sources were surprised by the “thinness” of the speech and the way it was written.

The representatives of the Saudi clubs that compete in the professional league, during their meeting with the association a few days ago, did not raise any objection regarding the criteria, but they made observations that were not related to the ninth criterion, and their focus was on the days that their clubs need to rest, as well as the dates of matches in cities whose airports do not have late flights at night, and comments Others are very ordinary.

The sources were surprised by the media attack issued without the initiative to verify the reasons for the association’s reliance on its standards known in advance three years ago, as well as the demands to return to old regulations regarding the method of conducting the draw for the Saudi Professional League.

And she continued: Announcing the schedule for the Saudi Professional League will be in the sea next week, and the association is in agreement with an American company, “Got Pro,” which will technically design the schedule, and matches will often be held at the end of each week, with the league ending in late May 2022. The league will witness interruptions for the days of FIFA, as well as in December, when the Saudi team participates in the Arab Cup tournament to be held in Qatar, knowing that the League has an alternative plan for the calendar in the event that the matches of the Saudi team are held in the qualifiers for the decisive Asian role qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup by the pool system and not Back-and-forth system as currently agreed.

The League held a meeting on Wednesday with representatives of Al Hilal, Al Nasr, Al Ahly and Al Ittihad clubs to discuss the AFC Champions League matches and coordinate between them so that there would be no objection later on the Saudi League schedule.

She also denied the authenticity of leaks of papers written in pencil and spread on social media regarding the Saudi Professional League rounds, noting that the league will be built technically and not in the old way.

It remains to be noted that the Saudi Professional League has announced nine criteria that it will follow when preparing the schedule for the next edition of the Saudi Professional League, which will start on August 12. In the first criterion, the association referred to the observance of the dates of winter planting and the periodic maintenance of approved stadiums in coordination with the concerned department in the Ministry of Sports, while the second criterion in the sequence of rounds of the second round was a complete reflection of the sequence of rounds of the first round.

The Saudi Professional League said that each of the participating teams in the league will play in one round as a host team at least seven matches and eight matches at most.

It also came as part of the criteria that no team should play more than two consecutive rounds as a host team or two consecutive rounds as a guest team in one round, and the League indicated that the first round matches in which first-level teams will face fourth-level teams and second-level teams will face third-level teams. In the same regard, the League indicated that no team played two consecutive rounds against two teams from the first level or two consecutive rounds of the fourth level.

The association clarified that in the last two rounds, each team will play one as a host team and the other as a guest team, and in the eighth criterion, the association said that the common stadiums between two teams in the last two rounds will be taken into account, so that one team plays in the round as a host team and the other team as a guest team because it is a unified tour.

She indicated that the ninth criterion was adopted in which the league table did not include a unified timing for the derby or Clásico matches, explaining: “No two derby or Clásico matches between the Al Hilal, Al Ittihad, Al Nasr, and Al Ahly clubs are held in one round.


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