The price and specifications of the new iPhone 13 2021, the date of its arrival in the market, and its features iphone 13 max pro


The new iPhone 13 is causing a sensation now globally in the world of technology, everyone is looking to know everything about the new phone that will be announced by the global company Apple. Apple always tries to introduce a new type of phone every year at a specific time of the year, but last year it was delayed due to the Corona pandemic. Many Apple fans, especially iPhone lovers all over the world, are eagerly waiting to know everything new about the new Apple iPhone 13. Some leaks have also been announced that will tell us about new features that have been activated in the new phone. In addition, we will tell you all the details in this article. Follow us to know the price and specifications of the phone, as well as when it will be released.

Specifications and features of the new iPhone 13, the new version from Apple

  • One of its most important features is that it supports all communication networks from the second generation to the fifth generation.
  • The new iPhone 13 runs iOS 14.
  • The iPhone 13 processor is a hexa-core Apple A14 Bionic processor, and its manufacturing accuracy is 5 nanometers.
  • The outer shape of the device is made of Corning Gorilla Glass, and the frame is rust-resistant because it has been made of steel.
  • According to the leaks, the device has a quad rear camera, the first and second resolutions are 12 mega pixel, a 63 mega pixel camera, and the other is photo.
  • The front camera also has a resolution of 12 mega pixel.
  • According to the leaks, it was revealed that the weight of the new phone is about 226 g.

Is the battery for the new iPhone 13 the same as the old batteries for the previous iPhones

According to the leaks and rumors that have been leaked about the new iPhone 13, the battery will not be the same, but some changes have been made to it to suit the new device, and it has also been enlarged to become better in its consumption than before. As we can see, we find that many were complaining about the entire iPhone battery, due to its inability to last for more than 6 hours or more. Therefore, the new has been updated to suit the desire of its users.

  • We also find that the battery was made of lithium-ion, so you will not be able to remove it from its place.
  • As mentioned also, the charging capacity has been increased up to 25W by charging it with wireless charging with the mag safe charger.
  • The charging speed of the battery is also much better than before, so you can charge it to 50% in just half an hour.
  • Among the features of the iPhone is that it has been supported by the 5G network, which speeds up the phone, especially this feature with the large battery, it will help game lovers, especially video viewers, to play and watch without any disturbance from the battery.
  • It is also equipped with a feature that enables you to increase the speed of the phone while playing, as well as stop it and not consume the battery when you do not need it.

The price of the new iphone 13 phone

According to the leaks about the iPhone, the name of the phone was announced, the iPhone 13, and what is worth noting is that new versions of the phone have been announced, which are:

New iPhone 13 2021

  • iPhone 13 mini, the screen size is 5.4 inches.
  • As for the iPhone 13, the screen size is 6.1 inches.
  • iPhone 13 Pro screen size is 6.1 inches.
  • As for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the screen size is 6.7 inches.

According to the leaks about the price of the phone according to several countries, it is as follows

  • iPhone 13 price is 1099 USD.
  • In Egypt, it will be about 17,199 pounds.
  • In Saudi Arabia, about 4100 Saudi riyals.
  • In the UAE, it is approximately 4000 Kuwaiti dirhams.

The new iPhone max pro 13 release date, all versions

As we are used to from Apple when it announces its new product and its release to the market, it is always in September of this year 2021, unlike last year, when the company was late in launching the iPhone 12 due to the Corona pandemic and it was launched in October, but according to the leaks, the iPhone will be launched The new one is on time.


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