The planet will witness climate changes in the coming years


A journal specialized in cosmic nature published a new study on Environmental and climatic changes that will have a direct impact on Temperatures on the ground in the coming years.

The journal Nature Climate Change mentioned in its study on Climate change The coming years will witness significant changes in terms of temperature and weather planet earth, indicating that the temperature will rise gradually with the years.

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“Since we are going through a period of very rapid global warming, we need to prepare for more heat-related events that will exceed previous records by a large margin,” said study author Eric Fischer, a researcher at the Swiss Higher Technical School.

According to the study, scientists used to pay attention to the amount of temperature rise, as it was believed that the higher the temperature, the fewer records that were set for a long and specific period of time.

The study concluded that even if harmful emissions in the atmosphere were to stop completely, the planet will have time to rest in the next ten years, and it is not only about record-breaking hot days that will appear more and more, but also about so-called “extreme weather phenomena” such as floods. last in Europe.

The study added that only after two decades the weather will gradually begin to return to normal, stressing that at current emissions rates the temperature of the planet will rise by more than 3 degrees Celsius by the year 2100.


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