The latest update was installed.. The frequency of the new Karameesh 2021 channel for children via Nilesat


Karameesh channel, Karameesh satellite channel recently announced the frequency of the new Karameesh 2021 channel via Nilesat, and the channel was closed with the old frequency, so searches have increased recently, because there are a large number of channels that provide content for children, and one of the most famous and most available channels on Al-Saha Among all the other channels, the Karamish channel, you can learn about the content of the channel by following the article.

Kramish children’s channel

It is a channel dedicated to young children in the Arab world. The channel is broadcast in 2009. It is a Jordanian channel owned by businessman Waseem Awad. Its official headquarters is Amman, Jordan. The channel takes care of the young child and provides him with everything he loves around the clock.

The Karamish children’s channel was also famous for the educational programs that the channel offers in its various programs and songs, such as Tayyib Why Do Harika by the channel’s star Amal Qatami, and the ambition of the star Musa Mustafa, and others.

The frequency of the new Karamish channel 2021

The Karamish channel signal for children can be received and installed via the Nilesat satellite, by adjusting the receiver settings via the remote control, choosing the Nilesat satellite, and installing the frequency by adding the following data:

The network frequency of the Karamish channel for children 11603
Nilesat satellite.
Encoding rate 27500
Error correction factor 3/4
Kramish children’s channel HD quality
H . horizontal polarization


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