The latest PUBG Mobile update.. Adding the Tesla Model Y car to the most famous game map


Tencent has released version 1.5 of the update to the popular fighting game PUBG Mobile, giving players a variety of new features, including the giant Tesla car factory Gigafactory.

According to slashgear, the Chinese company, Tencent, had partnered with Tesla to add the virtual version of the Gigafactory facility, and the Model Y car to the Erangel map within the PUBG Mobile game.

Under this partnership, the Tesla factory will appear in the latest PUBG Mobile game version, within the new Mission Ignition mode, which allows players to produce their own Model Y car in the game.

With PUBG Mobile v1.5 you can drive an autonomous Tesla; also puts the Gigafactory on the card
Tesla Factory in the PUBG Mobile game version

According to PUBG, the Tesla factory can be accessed in Mission Ignition mode by activating all the keys in the Gigafactory to start the car assembly process.

The result will be an in-game Y SUV, which will include the company’s automated guide mode that players can turn on when driving on the map’s highways, and the self-driving car will take players to presets along the way.

In addition, mobile players will notice a special appearance of Tesla Semi trucks randomly on the map According to Tencent, these randomly generated vehicles will drive themselves on predetermined paths along the way, and players will be able to destroy them in order to get supply crates with the game.

Features of the latest PUBG Mobile 1.5 update

And while the new Mission Ignition mode in the game will be given six major areas of the Erangel map on a tech makeover featuring new buildings, elevators, automatic doors, and new mobile platforms.

HyperLines will allow in-game players to quickly move between cities on the island at certain times, and players will also be able to use the Air Conveyor system to travel through the air on the Erangel map.

Mission Ignition mode will feature a new 5.56mm firearm, anti-gravity motorcycle, tactical selector and riot shield, and comes with a new 3D Spawn Island display to display the flight path.


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