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The Tunisian Labor Confederation, the largest union gathering in the country, affirmed yesterday, and political parties, their support for the decisions of President Kais Saied, with the Tunisian Union stressing the need to adhere to constitutional legitimacy in any action taken at this stage the country is going through to ensure respect for the constitution, the continuation of the democratic path and the restoration of stability to Tunisia. . In a statement, he stressed that the exceptional measures taken by President Kais Saied must be accompanied by a set of constitutional guarantees.

He explained that these guarantees are represented in “the need to control the objectives of the exceptional measures away from expansion, diligence and excessive focus, and to determine the duration of the application of the exceptional measures and to expedite their termination, so that they do not turn into a permanent procedure and return in the deadlines to the normal course and to state institutions, as well as to ensure respect for rights and freedoms, including economic rights. and social.”

In practice, this means that the Tunisian Labor Union, an influential institution in the country, supports the decisions of President Said against the government and parliament, but with conditions.

The Federation said that its National Executive Office “was convened on an emergency basis following the exceptional measures taken by the President of the Republic in accordance with Article 80 of the Constitution in order to prevent the imminent danger and in an effort to restore the normal functioning of the wheels of the state and in light of the spread of Covid.”

The Union expressed its rejection of resorting to violence by any party, regardless of its position, position or motive. At the same time, it affirmed its rejection of the policy of recovery or settling accounts and ensuring a peaceful exit from this delicate and difficult stage.

save the country

Political forces in Tunisia also supported Said’s decisions, believing that they would save the country and lay the foundations for stability. The Alliance for Tunisia party announced its support for all the decisions and measures announced by Saied, including the dismissal of the Mechichi government and the freezing of parliament.

He considered that the statements describing the Tunisian president’s decisions as a “coup” are a set of lies and rumors and a distortion of facts.

As for the Tunisian People’s Movement, it considered that Saied did not deviate from his decisions from the constitution, and acted according to what his responsibility dictated to him within the framework of the law.

In a statement, it considered that the president’s decisions were motivated by the desire to preserve the integrity of the country, the country’s security and independence, and to ensure the normal functioning of the state’s wheels.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Popular Movement, Zuhair Hamdi, confirmed during a television interview that his party supports all decisions of President Saeed, calling for the adoption of a clear roadmap in this regard. He continued, “People who have reached the predicament years ago and to these ends bear the responsibility for these decisions… and what the president has done is at the core of his powers.”

As for the Democratic Current Party, it declared its disagreement with the Tunisian president regarding his interpretation of Article 80 of the country’s constitution, and rejected the decisions and actions that resulted from it. But the party’s deputy, Samia Abbou, considered that the Tunisian president’s decisions restore the state, and described in a radio interview, the head of the Brotherhood’s Ennahda Movement, Rashid Ghannouchi, as an irresponsible person. She said it was Parliament that overturned the constitution.



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