The International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy visits Albania and signs agreements with Centers for Religious Dialogue and Democracy – UAE – News and Reports


The Emirati delegation to the International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Dubai “IICd” headed by Dr. Muhammad Kamel Al-Maeni visited the Republic of Albania to discuss ways of cultural cooperation and work to develop it in the next phase. During the visit, two agreements were signed, the first of their kind between the International Institute for the Coexistence of Religions And the International Institute for International Studies and Research headed by Dr. “Arben Ramkaj” during a meeting held in Tirana, Albania, with the aim of strengthening relations between the UAE and Albania, facilitating interfaith dialogue, knowledge exchange, and joint cooperation in the cultural and artistic fields.

These agreements came to strengthen the frameworks that characterize the UAE and Albania in terms of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence, and to introduce them to the firm approach of the UAE, which has become a global model for tolerance. And to build bridges of communication between the International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Dubai and cultural and research institutions in the Republic of Albania and beyond that other countries The Gulf, the Middle East, India, Central Asia, Arab and European countries, and South America, where Albania is one of the important countries in the Balkans, and the Emirates are similar in establishing concepts of peaceful coexistence, as there are five different religions and sects in Albania who live in harmony and harmony.

In turn, the Albanian Institute for Religious Studies and the Center for the Coexistence of the Albanian Religion organized a reception for the Emirati delegation, which was headed by Dr. Al-Muaini, and was received by the head of the Jewish community in Albania, Yisrael Felman, and the head of the Center for Cooperation of the Albanian Religion, Dr. Valentin, the representative of the Catholic community, in addition to several responsible personalities in the Republic of Albania. Al-Muaini, the UAE delegation and Dr. Barlamka, head of the Albanian Cooperation Center, met with the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of the ruling party and Secretary-General of the Albanian Socialist Party “Taulant Bala”, where they discussed ways of cooperation and praised the UAE’s role in tolerance And peace.

For his part, Dr. Muhammad Kamel Al-Ma’ini, President of the International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, said that the Institute seeks to enhance communication with centers and institutes specialized in supporting the bonds of love and peace in various European countries, which in turn strengthens relations between the UAE, Albania and the Balkan countries. The efforts of the UAE in consolidating the concept of tolerance and the accompanying initiatives and decisions that support its continuity in being a pioneer in tolerance and coexistence under a wise leadership that believes in building people and humanity

The Albanian researcher, Dr. “Urbin Ramkaj”, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of International Studies and Albanian Research, said that these agreements are the first of their kind between those centers specialized in cultural and diplomatic dialogue, foreign relations, democracy, interfaith dialogue, coexistence and acceptance of others between Albania and the UAE.

He added that the UAE is a model in religious tolerance and acceptance of the other in the Gulf region and the Middle East, as well as Albania is a model in peaceful coexistence in the anxious region of southeastern Europe and the Balkan countries, where it includes several different sects and five religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Pointing out that the International Institute for International Studies in Albania is one of the best research institutions and has been operating since 2003 and was classified as the best institute in Southern and Eastern Europe by the Lauder Institute in Eupennsylvania, where it works in the fields of foreign policy, security studies, European Union integration and democratization.



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