The frequency of the new Tom and Jerry 2021 channel on Nilesat


The frequency of the Tom and Jerry channel is one of the most important beautiful channels for children, showing a distinguished group of cartoon films that adults and children love, and one of the most prominent shows of the Tom and Jerry cartoon, which generations grew up on and named the channel after.

Tom and Jerry channel قناة

  • Parents are always looking for something useful to occupy their children, especially during the summer vacation, because children are bored, so we are looking for the mother of channels that our children can benefit from.
  • Cartoon channels remain the favorite channels for children, and of course they must have an important goal for our children to raise.
  • Also, with the change of channel frequencies, the frequency of the Tom and Jerry channel, which all children love and always search for, has been changed so that the channel reaches you in a clear and pure sound without distortion.
  • This channel is also characterized as one of the free channels that do not need subscriptions only. All you have to do is to program your receiver only.
  • The Tom and Jerry cartoon is still one of the favorite films of children in the Middle East since ancient times, and many generations have been raised through it.
  • One of the most important features of the channel is that it shows a large collection of Tom and Jerry films with long episodes that occupy children for a long time.
  • But we must be careful about these channels and make an appointment to sit in front of them only.

Tom and Jerry channel frequency

The frequency has been changed by the channel management to get a pure sound and a distinctive picture without distortion:

  • Frequency: 1134
  • polarization:Horizontal
  • Coding rate: 27500
  • correcting the mistake:5/6

Finally, we showed the frequency of the new Tom And Jerry channel on Nilesat, and we also noted the most important features of the channel in terms of distinct paragraphs for children.


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