The frequency of the new Karamesh children’s channel on Nilesat


The frequency of Karamish channel is one of the channels that parents are looking for, especially during the summer period, to keep their children busy with these channels, and to follow up on all the new programs for children and some distinguished cartoons.

Karamish channel frequency

  • It is one of the very special channels for children that offers special and very useful content for children. It shows children’s cartoons, as well as some series and educational programs for children.
  • It also displays some educational songs in Arabic and English that teach children beautiful letters and words.
  • It also presents some songs and kinetic programs that teach children sports and activity and make it innovative, as well as etiquette programs to teach children its origins.
  • It also presents some general information that makes the child learn about many things that he does not know anything about.

Karamish channel frequency 2021

It is one of the distinguished channels on Nilesat and is distinguished by being free, as its employees are keen to present the channel in a clearer and clearer voice.

  • Satellite: Nilesat
  • Frequency: 11603
  • Coding rate: 27500
  • Error Correction Factor: 3/4
  • Quality: HD
  • Polarization: horizontal
  • All you have to do is set the channel to the new frequency on your receiver and enjoy the best children’s channel through a few simple steps.
  • Also, go to the settings of your device and then choose the list of frequencies.
  • After that, choose Add Frequency, then write the frequency in the space provided for it, and press Search.

In conclusion, we have shown the frequency of the new Karamesh children’s channel on Nilesat and the most important fun paragraphs that the channel offers for children.


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