The famine has begun and this is the indicator


An economic expert says, “The signs of a famine are looming on the horizon in Lebanon, with the consumption of meat declining by more than 85 percent due to the large increase.”

in their prices“.

He added, “Meat consumption is usually an indicator of the safety and stability of societies, and therefore this decline is a dangerous indication that signs of a possible famine are beginning to appear. “.

It is noteworthy that the price of a kilo of lamb in most Lebanese markets reached 240,000 pounds, while the price of a kilo of beef ranged between 140 and 170,000 pounds..

This increase was reflected in a decrease in the percentage of meat sales in the local market as a result of the decrease in the purchasing power of the citizen, and this is confirmed by most of the butchers, declaring that they are facing a serious meat crisis, while most of the Lebanese openly declare that they have “changed a lot in their food priorities.”

Source: Lebanon 24


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