The Egyptian Opera House is showing today the Lebanese film “By chance”


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Cairo – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The Egyptian Opera House will screen at seven in the evening today, Monday, the Lebanese film “By chance” by Carole Samaha.
The film will be shown at Al-Hanager Cinema as part of the Mediterranean Cinema Club screening program, organized by the Egyptian Film Critics and Writers Association, headed by film critic Prince Abaza.
The film participated in the official competition of the thirty-sixth session of the Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries.
Carole Samaha won the Best Actress award for her role in the movie.
The events of the film, which discusses the other side of Beirut through the life of the slums, revolves around a successful businessman working in the means of communication, whose life is turned upside down after his bag was stolen, so he decides to catch up with the thief until he reaches a slum, and there he faces another world, and falls in love with a sister thief.
The film is directed by Bassem Christo, written by Claudia Marchelian, and starring Carole Samaha, Badi’ Abu Chakra, Pamela El Kik, Munir Maasri and Sami Hamdan.
Carole Samaha said about her first cinematic experience, “The film is a microcosm of the social crises that Lebanese society is going through, as it expresses the pain of Beirut.”
She added, in press statements, that this is her first experience as an actress in a movie, noting that she made sure that her presence during the film was “an actress only, not a singer, so that the image of the artist, not the singer, would remain in the minds of viewers.”
The director of the work, Bassem Christo, said, “The film is his first cinematic experience, as well as the artist Carole Samaha, whom we knew as a theater actress, so we went through a difficult and enjoyable task at the same time, and amid a lot of pressure, we presented a film with a simple budget, and we tried to embody the pain and problems of the Lebanese society.”
As for the producer, Noha Shofani, she said, “The film is very humane, and this is the secret of my insistence on presenting it,” noting that it “belongs to works of small cost” and stressing that the director “was successful with all the work team.


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