“The dollar and price manipulation” … a “strict” statement by the Minister of Economy!


The Minister of Economy and Trade in the caretaker government, Raoul Nehme, issued a statement saying: “The Minister of Economy and Trade asked importers and owners of commercial establishments to reduce prices as quickly and significantly before tomorrow morning as a maximum, with the significant decrease in the exchange rate and sensitivity with citizens.”He also stressed that “their continuation of price manipulation or fraud will expose them to the most severe penalties, leading to a request from the judiciary to close them.”

He pointed out that “the teams of the Consumer Protection Directorate will continue its inspection tours based on the laws in force to protect the consumer, and the ministry, which understands the rise in the prices of some commodities in the event of an increase in the exchange rate, but it warns against the persistence of some business owners not to reduce prices with the low exchange rate, which is It is unacceptable, neither morally nor professionally, given the difficult circumstances the Lebanese are experiencing.


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