The death of the Saudi writer, Sharifa Al-Shamlan, with the “Corona” virus


The Al-Shamlan family in Saudi Arabia and cultural elites in the Kingdom mourned the writer and writer Sharifa Al-Shamlan, who died due to the repercussions of the Corona virus, leaving behind a rich literary legacy that included six story collections.

And Munira Al-Shamlan wrote, in her mother’s obituary, “With hearts that believe in God’s judgment and mercy, my mother and my beloved # Sharifa_Shamlan rose to the mercy of God Almighty, entrusted to her by God who does not waste his deposits, may God have mercy on her wide mercy and wrote it from the two friends and redressed us in our affliction and provided her with the highest paradise..”

Last Saturday, the daughter published an article in the local newspaper, Al-Jazeera, in which her mother publishes a weekly article, in which she revealed the suffering of her mother and father, Abdullah Al-Shamlan, from the repercussions of Corona, before announcing her death on Wednesday evening.

Al-Shamlan suffered in the past from several health ailments, and underwent two kidney transplants, and it was not clear if she had received the Corona vaccine.

Al-Shamlan was buried today, Thursday, in the Dammam cemetery, with a limited participation imposed by the Corona prevention measures followed in the country.

Who is Sharifa Al-Shamlan?

Sharifa Al-Shamlan received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the College of Arts at the University of Baghdad, and she rose in positions from a social worker until she reached the position of general manager of women’s social supervision in the eastern region.

Al-Shamlan also established the Women’s Human Rights Office in the Human Rights Commission’s branch in the Eastern Province and worked there for three years.

Writer Sharifa Al-Shamlan has published six short story collections: “Ultimate Tranquility”, “Paragraphs from Life”, “Tomorrow Comes”, “The Last Night”, “City of Clouds”, and “A Textile Child in a River”.

The late woman wrote many researches and studies, including education and medicine in the past, services provided at the Social Affairs Agency and working to develop them, and distinguished programs for women’s charities.

Al-Shamlan also has a large number of articles in Saudi newspapers, such as Al-Sharq al-Awsat and Al-Jazeera.

The late writer Sharifa Al-Shamlan participated in several conferences and festivals inside and outside the Kingdom, and delivered the speech of Saudi intellectuals at the Riyadh International Book Fair in 2010.

The writer Sharifa Al-Shamlan was a member of many cultural councils and societies, including the Saudi Story Club and the Society for Culture and Arts. She was also honored by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, and the Literary Club in Riyadh.


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