The crisis of Hala Shiha is escalating.. My husband’s support and artistic anger


A state of controversy that has not stopped since Actress Hala Shiha releases her words about her latest movie “Not Me”, and the clip that was released from the movie, including scenes that angered her, as well as her talk about that Tamer Hosny, the hero of the movie, did not keep his promise to her, Which prompted Tamer Hosni to deny her and confirm that he adhered to their agreement together, but Hala Shiha was the one who disappeared, expressing his surprise at her position.

Tamer and Hala from the movie

Tamer and Hala from the movie

After the duo spoke, many parties entered the crisis line, most notably Moez Masoud, Hala Shiha’s husband, who sent a message to his wife through his account on “Instagram”, stressing that he understood the reason for his wife’s annoyance, especially since the film was filmed a long time ago and was postponed. Because of the Corona virus, her life changed drastically.

He also understands her annoyance at collecting these scenes and focusing on them, despite the fact that she received an oral promise from the film’s directors to avoid this, noting that the talk was not about canceling the clip, but rather avoiding the scenes only.

He explained that if they knew that the promise would not be enough, they would have gone in the direction of other solutions, to ask her after that not to pay attention to those who talk about her wages in her previous work, especially since they speak without knowledge and make judgments with the utmost ease and haste.

He then tried to explain that when his wife talked about art and its being false, she meant a specific type of art and did not circulate, to remind her after that that their journey together is a journey in search of truth, goodness, beauty, pride in culture and identity, and rejection of extremism on both sides.

In front of the words of Moez Masoud, the film’s director, Sarah Wafik, could not remain silent, despite her promise to Tamer Hosni that she would not talk about the matter, but she indicated that the words of Hala Shiha’s husband provoked her.

The director expressed her astonishment at the husband’s words, and by what right they demand that the scenes be deleted or not used despite the fact that Hala Shiha received her full wages.

She indicated that Moez Masoud married Hala Shiha, who is an actress, and neither he nor his wife has the right to take any action, and they are supposed to be thanked for not taking action against Hala Shiha for her non-compliance.

She also made it clear that she had to open the film again and re-montage at the expense of Tamer Hosni, in order to deal with the dilemma caused by Hala Shiha, who did not abide by her contract.

A large number of art stars in Egypt launched an attack on Hala Shiha because of her words, and some demanded that she return the money she got from the film, claiming that this money came from participating in a forbidden matter, according to what Hala Shiha sees.

And some artists considered that talking about the fact that art is void, is something that means that there is something wrong, and some also demanded that she not return and ask for acting again when she separates from her husband in the future.


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