The Cannes Festival is getting ready for the final hour


Film screenings competing for the Palme d’Or at the French Festival de Cannes conclude Friday, with a film calling for the control of loose arms and another centering on bipolar disorder, before the jury decides to choose the winners of the 74th edition of this prestigious film event.
But last-minute surprises must be taken into account. In 2019, the competition cards were mixed in recent days when South Korean Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” imposed himself on the competition circuit and eventually won the Palme d’Or.
It is expected that two final films will be shown on Friday during the festival, which, with its return, constituted a glimmer of hope for the international cinema community, and it took place without any major problems despite the health situation.

From Sharon Stone to Tilda Swinton through Matt Damon, a constellation of stars attended this cycle, which featured films from all over the world, from the Maghreb to China.
The first film to be shown on Friday as part of the competition is “Netram” on the issue of gun control. He relives the shooting incident in Australia that killed 35 people in 1996 by focusing on the personality of the killer. the victims.

As for the second and final film, it is a very special project by Belgian cinematographer Joaquim Lavos entitled “Lizantracil”, inspired by a personal experience about a family exhausted by the illness of the father (Damien Bonnard) who suffers from bipolar disorder, and the mother (Leila Bakhti) finds to keep their son away from this suffering.

However, other films also stood out in the competition, such as the opening film “Annette” by Leos Carax and “Red Rocket” by Sean Baker.
The Golden Palm may be awarded to a woman this year, for the second time only in the history of the festival. Giulia Docorno, the youngest director in this cycle, was not well received by critics with her work “Titan” but it impressed the audience. Hungarian director Ildiko Enedi with her film “The Story of My Wave”, starring Léa Seydoux, must also be counted.


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